I want to wish you all a happy new year! 2013 has truly been an amazing year for me. I think I could say it´s been the best year of my life so far! Thanks to everyone who has made it possible. Everyone who has been listening to my music, coming to my concerts and believed in me. To my international fans who has been waiting so patiently for a release in their own country. I am still working on it and hope to have some good news for you soon! 2014 is already looking out to be an exciting year. I am already in the studio making new music and have plans to play a lot of shows with my band. Hope to see you all very soon!

Some of the highlights of 2013 has been:
The Norwegian tv show “Everytime we meet”, releasing my album “Song from a blackbird” in Norway, getting married, starring in a Norwegian movie musical. playing my own shows around Norway and my amazing fans!

2. January



Photo: CF Salicath (VG Lista)

2013 has been an amazing year so far. It started with a successful tv show in Norway, followed by a Norwegian release of my second album “Songs from a blackbird”, a beautiful wedding and a summer filled with festival shows with my own band. This has been everything I could dream of. Now I finish my year with the biggest dream of all. My own tour in Norway. I will be playing concerts on the east coast of Norway. People will buy a ticket with my name on it and come and listen to my music, and my music alone. This is a big deal for me. I can not wait and I hope to see you there. For my fans outside of Norway, I am still working on an international deal. There is nothing more I want then to travel the world with my music. But it takes time. Thank you for being patient. I hope to have some great news for you next year and that 2014 will be our year.

Hugs, Marion

29. September 2013


The Minute

(Skrevet av Marion Ravn og Børge Fjordheim)

Oh there you were and I was not prepared
I wish it was a better time
Oh there you were with your forbidden stare
and you could not be mine

When our eyes meet, the more I want you near
The more I know I will resign
I never looked, but now I found you here
my feet and hands you bind

And in the minute you let go
well,that´s the minute you will know
and you´ll find you´re nothing like before
You rather die, then let it go
You rather die, then let it go
You rather die, you´ll never let it go
and you will never be the same again

So here we are and there´s no turning back
I wouldn´t do it if I could
So here we are remind me why it´s wrong
Because it feels so good

When our eyes meet, the more I feel alive
the more I know I wanna be
The only one who wakes up by your side
the only one you see

and you will never be the same again….

9. April 2013


Bilde 14

Ten days ago I had a showcase in Oslo, Norway. It was actually my first concert with a full band in Norway EVER! So it was really about time. I played songs from my new album “Songs from a Blackbird” together with my new and fantastic band. Tons of people came and it felt amazing. The night could not have gone more perfectly. I really hope it won´t be long until we get to play again. Hopefully also outside of Norway. Here are some photos from the show: (Photo by: Roger Fosaas)

28. March 2013



I am going to miss all of these places:

3. March 2013


Check out the world premiere of “The Minute” music video right here:


Dear friends!

I’m really happy to let you know that I signed a record deal with Epic / Sony Music Germany earlier this year and will be releasing a
international version of "Songs from A Blackbird» on August 8th. It will be released world wide on digital platforms (download/streaming). Germany, Switzerland and Austria will release the album physically (CD/LP) the same day. Release date for other countries will be announced later.

First single out is “The Minute” and release date is July 25th.


All the best,


Here is an acoustic version of “Home” from a radio performance last week in Norway:

14. October 2013



Marion will be going on her own headline tour this fall in Norway.
If you wish to come see her, you can buy tickets right here:

06.10: Strynemessa, Stryn
10.10: Drammens Teater
11.10: Tivoli Amfi, Moss
12.10: Nøtterøy Kulturhus
18.10: Lørenskog Kulturhus
20.12: Gregers, Hamar
24.01.14: Oslo, Parkteateret

1. October 2013


Here you can watch clips from Marions performance on the Norwegian “Top 40 show” in Trondheim:

The Minute:


15. July 2013


Check out the new live performance video of “Rest Your Head” featuring Thom Hell on Youtube and Vevo

Band: Eirik Tovsrud Knutsen, Haakon-Marius Petterse, Børge Fjordheim, Per Tobro, Jan Ole Kristensen, Madeleine Ossum and Marie Forr Klåpbakken.

13. June 2013


Check out the new live performance video of “Start Over” on "Youtube ": and Vevo.

Band: Eirik Tovsrud Knutsen, Haakon-Marius Petterse, Børge Fjordheim, Per Tobro, Jan Ole Kristensen, Madeleine Ossum and Marie Forr Klåpbakken.

13. June 2013


Watch the performance of the song “Never Leave Me” from Marion’s new album “Songs from a Blackbird” that she did on Norwegian “good morning” television

10. April 2013